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April Regular Meeting


Another month and another regular meeting is upon us. Besides the usual updates we'll be starting the first of many political sessions aimed at exploring socialism, both historical, theoretical and future:


  1. National, Regional & State Updates
  2. Committee Updates
  3. "What is your socialism?" Breakout Session
  4. Open Floor

This meeting is being held from 6:30-8:00pm at the Unitarian Universalist Church of Brevard, 2185 Meadowlane Ave, West Melbourne. All are welcome to attend whether it's your first time, socialist-curious or a regular red!


  • 1840 Meeting open. National, Regional & State Updates
    • Space Coast is apportioned one voting delegate to the DSA National Convention, August 1-4 in Atlanta, Georgia
    • Southern Caucus successfully held the convention in Birmingham, AL.
    • Florida DSA almost ready for adoption of statewide bylaws
  • 1850 Committee Updates
    • Mutual Aid Cmte: planned townhall meeting with other progressive groups on the 22nd May
    • No M4A Cmte updates
    • No Steering Cmte updates
  • 1900 Movement and adoption to proceed to Open Floor section of meeting
  • 1901 Discussion of Means TV, an anti-capitalist on-demand digital streaming platform launching in late 2019.
  • 1905 Presentation of Space Coast Young Socialists (SCYS) bylaws to become an official branch of the Space Coast DSA (SCDSA). With quorum reached, movement to adopt and create the branch passes unanimously: SCYS is an official branch of the SCDSA.
  • 1915 "What is your socialism?" breakout session
  • 2000 Meeting concluded.