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January Regular Meeting


It's the first meeting of the new year and we have a range of issues to debate and discuss. Please join us on Wednesday Jan 30th from 6:30-8:00pm EST at the Unitarian Universalist Church of Brevard, 2185 Meadowlane Ave, West Melbourne, FL 32904.


  • National Updates
  • State & Regional Updates
  • Committee Updates
  • Annual Meeting Planning (incl. Committee Elections)
  • Meeting Processes Session
  • Open Floor (Time Permitting)

Upcoming Events

  • Public Education Rally: We will be rallying not only for public education, but also to show that the labor movement is alive in Brevard. The School Board of Brevard County is quick to tout achievements, but refuses to give its teachers and support staff a living wage increase and time to best serve students. It's time that we take care of those who care for our children and our future. (Facebook Link)
  • Solidarity Rally, Cookout, and Food Drive:  all working families who are affected by the government shutdown are invited along with supporters from the community. (Facebook Link)


  • 1835 Call to Order, Introductions
  • 1847 National Convention Announcement Aug 2-4
  • 1849 National Convention Preconvention Mar 30/31 (call for participants)
  • 1851 Florida State Convention in Orlando Mar 1-3 (call for participants)
  • 1858 M4A Cmte Update (slow over holiday season)
  • 1900 Bylaws Cmte, (require 15 members to approve bylaws)
  • 1902 Steering Cmte, Treasurer's Report (current funds, looking into possible recurring payments solution)
  • 1907 Annual Meeting Planning (Voted to create an Elections Cmte from Nominations Cmte, referred to Bylaws Cmte for amendment)
  • 1925 Annual Meeting set for final Wednesday, 27th February
  • 1927 Discussion of meeting rule systems - bad faith actors, invoking rules, code of conduct, progressive stack
  • 1938 Discussion of Membership, Good standing, National/Local
  • 1944 Voted to refer to the Bylaws Cmte amending the changing of meeting process to consensus decision making with a vote by majority to change to Rusty's Rules of Order
  • 1945 Open Floor Session on Student Lunch Debt mutual aid action by Ina D.
  • 2007 Voted in consensus to spend current funds (minus $180 + 20% of current funds) on school lunch debt mutual aid action
  • 2018 Meeting closed