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May Day 2018

May 1st, 2018 marks the 133rd May Day. On this day, Space Coast DSA remembers all those who have given their life in the struggle for labor rights and the advancement of the working class. We celebrate the gains that this movement has made: the abolition of child labor, the eight hour work day, and many others while recognizing that the struggle is far from over.

Today workers of all stripes in America face unprecedented attacks on their dignity and well-being. Wages continue to stagnate while profits and the wealth of the 1% continue to soar. Sex workers are being forced into unsafe conditions under the guise of fighting human trafficking while undocumented agricultural workers are being kept under slave-like conditions. Disabled workers are being targeted by rollbacks of protections like the Americans with Disabilities Act and Medicaid. Under- and unemployed workers who receive housing assistance are being threatened with homelessness as a result of untenable rent increases while housing discrimination against people of color goes uninvestigated and six times as many homes as homeless sit vacant and unused. Millions of people suffer and die without adequate medical care, and even more suffer higher costs and crushing premiums, just so that a privileged few can pad their bottom line.

We ask you, then, to join us not only in remembrance of those who fought before us, but in continuing their struggle for the better future we all deserve.

Space Coast DSA Organizing Committee

Photo credit: Johan Fantenberg