The demonization of socialism is a necessity for maintaining capitalism in the U.S. American capitalists have a long history of crushing labor movements, silencing dissent and dividing the working class by race and ethnicity. The reason is simple. Once people realize capitalism has inherent flaws and is simply a choice, not some sort of natural law, they will want something better. Socialism provides an alternative system for political economy, one that seeks to unite people in cooperation for common good, justice and peace, rather than divide them by competition.

Socialism has a long history of scholarship, though you would hardly know that, as it is deliberately ignored. This page highlights a few websites that present socialist perspectives or are independent news sources. Some of these websites are deliberately throttled by web searches, another reason to bring them forward to readers.

This page is a work in progress, so expect changes. Sites are loosely grouped by topic.

Monthly Review | An Independent Socialist Magazine
Monthly Review began publication in New York City in May 1949. The first issue featured the lead article "Why Socialism?" by Albert Einstein.

Jacobin Magazine
Started in 2010, Jacobin magazine aims to bring socialist politics to a wide audience.

Dissent Magazine
Founded in 1954 by Irving Howe and Lewis Coser, Dissent is a quarterly magazine of politics and ideas of the democratic left. Partners with the DSA Fund for online discussion series on social topics.

Black Agenda Report
News, commentary and analysis from the Black Left.

In These Times
In 1976, author and historian James Weinstein founded In These Times with the mission to “identify and clarify the struggles against corporate power now multiplying in American society".

"Tells the Facts and Names the Names" - Independent commentary published since 1996.

Founded in 2001, independent reporting and commentary, no advertising or corporate backers.

Common Dreams
Common Dreams is a non-profit independent newscenter created in 1997, no advertising, corporate underwriting or government funding.

Influential investigative journalist Robert Scheer started this site after the dissolution of the Truthdig website.

Independent Media Institute
The Independent Media Institute (IMI) is a nonprofit organization that educates the public through a diverse array of independent media projects and programs.

People's World
People’s World traces its lineage to the Daily Worker newspaper. It offers a daily news platform for the broad labor-led people’s movement.

Democracy at Work
Nonprofit media that analyzes capitalism critically as a systemic problem and advocates for democratizing workplaces as part of a systemic solution. We can do better than capitalism.

Richard Wolff
Richard D. Wolff is Professor of Economics Emeritus, University of Massachusetts, Amherst where he taught economics from 1973 to 2008. He is currently a Visiting Professor in the Graduate Program in International Affairs of the New School University, New York City. He is one of the foremost experts on Marxist economics.